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Revireso’s mission is to, “Bridge the civilian-military divide by engaging, educating, and empowering society to go beyond saying, “Thank you for your service.” 

This mission is accomplished through two primary educational solutions:

1. Conducting educational programs for MBA Candidates and undergraduates at various universities to help future business leaders understand why bridging the civilian-military divide is beneficial to a company’s performance and integral to a company’s diversity

2. Provide those same students with tangible tools focused on effective veteran retention within the civilian workforce and tools they can use to cultivate a diverse community of trust with veteran employees in the businesses the students will lead in the near future.


In 2014, our co-founders (both ROTC cadets at the time) developed a passion for civilian-military relations. As future officers, there vision was to raise money that they could then donate to pre-existing veteran organizations.

When there were devising a way in which they could help bridge the civ-mil divide, our co-founders came across a Forbes article which labeled Houston, Texas as the number one place for veterans to retire. Both co-founders were ROTC cadets at the University of Delaware, and with Delaware as the “first official state”, they saw an instant connection. Delaware represented the first official entity our military protected and Houston represented where many veterans stand at the end of their careers. With that in mind, their plan seemed obvious: run from Delaware to Houston in order to raise money to help further bridge the civ-mil divide.

That summer, the Reviresco team was composed of 6 ROTC cadets from the University of Delaware, and they completed the 1,700 mile run in just over 20 days. They chose the name Reviresco, a latin word, because it means to become renewed, and that was exactly what they wanted to do with the civilian role in civilian-military relations.

The team raised over $13,000 that summer and donated it to Team RWB and Got Your 6. However, during the first cross-country run, the team quickly realized the need for education amongst the civilian population. The only concepts most people they engaged with throughout the run understood were “hero”, “PTSD”, and how to say, “Thank you for your service.” The team realized the only way to help civilians better understand the veteran population was by helping them go beyond just saying, “Thank you for your service.”

Over the next three years, Reviresco completed annual runs from South Dakota to Los Angeles (2015), and New York to Miami (2016, 2017) which served as their primary capital fundraising campaign while they developed a curriculum to take into schools and businesses. 

Veterans are an essential aspect of diversity within any successful business, but their talents are only optimized if their employers understand how to engage with them and cultivate trust. We knew this was a need Reviresco could meet by talking to and educating MBA students and students studying business. By helping future business leaders ask the right questions, engage with veteran employees, and empower them to build a diverse team of veterans founded on trust, we know that businesses will see stronger community and better overall performance.


Annual Run

Reviresco’s last run was in the summer of 2017, and since then, the team has focused solely in their educational mission.

2017 Run

2014 Run


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