Delaware Military Academy

The presentation went really well and opened our eyes to a problem that we didn’t even know about. The way you guys put it into real life situations that we deal with was really good. I think it is improving the situation because as people keep starting to get to know what veterans have gone through, and communicate with them like they want to get to know them, it shows the soldiers that they were fighting for a reason and reminds them why they joined.

Aaron Zapata, Corporal (ret.), United States Marine Corps

I was in the Marines for 4 years and it was the best time of my life. I learned more about myself and what I could do as a person than I could have in any other environment. The people I met all became lifelong friends and I could not imagine not knowing them. The reason I believe Reviresco, Inc. is important is because I met a lot of civilians who were not pro-military while I was active.