“I think the presentation was really good, the way you guys interacted with us and how you made us interact with each other. I think it is improving civilian and military relations because it lets the military know we aren’t forgetting about them and we’re thankful for what they do. To us this topic is important because we are a military school and we need to show support.”

– Shane  

“The presentation was fun and informative. I think its helping civilian and military relations by having civilians ask more about soldiers’ lives and their stories and not just thanking them for their service. I think it’s important to students because we are the future and we should set examples like what we learned from others to follow.”

– Dylan  

“The presentation was very informative. I didn’t realize veterans were so lost and that asking them a few questions could help. I now know there are groups present that are bringing veterans closer to civilians. This presentation was definitely effective and I look forward to learning more about Reviresco.”


“The presentation went really well and opened our eyes to a problem that we didn’t even know about. The way you guys put it into real life situations that we deal with was really good. I think it is improving the situation because as people keep starting to get to know what veterans have gone through, and communicate with them like they want to get to know them, it shows the soldiers that they were fighting for a reason and reminds them why they joined. It is really important to us as students because as some of us go into the military from our school, they would want to believe that people back him are still thinking of them. Also, for when we see a soldier out and about and we don’t just say thank you but instead ask them “how are you?”, it changes both peoples’ days into positive ones. Thank you for showing us the problem that was hiding.”

– Victoria  

“I think the presentation went very well and was helpful with improving our knowledge on thanking military personnel. The information you provided to us in the presentation really showed how unappreciated military personnel feel once they return home from deployment and how civilians can change that. It is important to value their feelings, emotions, and sacrifices because they are the ones who fight to protect us everyday.”

– Dany  

“I really enjoyed your presentation a few weeks ago. I think that your organization is bringing civilians and military veterans closer together. This topic is important to us students because we need to know and learn about the importance of military veterans and how to treat them.”

– Elyse  

“I think you did very well with your presentation with the time you had. It is bringing together  civilians and military veterans. It helps show those who don’t understand what the veterans go through understand. It is important to us students because it not only helps us see how our veterans are being treated when they get home, it also shows us how easy it would be to help.”


“The presentation was very engaging. It really made me care and want to be involved. It made me really think about the issues that veterans have. I think that it is helping civilian and veteran realtions because it is educating civilians about the veteran plight. Overall, it was a very well done presentation.”

-DMA student