We bridge the civilian-military divide by engaging, educating, and empowering society to go beyond saying, “Thank you for your service.”



Help society understand why bridging the civilian-military divide is important.


Inform companies and citizens how to build lasting relationships with veterans.


Motivate all to understand their role in bridging the civilian-military divide.


Last year alone, military personnel served a cumulative 14,000,000 hours. That’s 14,000,000 hours full of sacrifice, brotherhood, laughter, tears, and scars. The unspoken part of this statistic is that 22 of these heroes commit suicide daily, and as 1 nation, WE have a duty to help them.

Service members serve for YOU. They are apolitical, don’t choose when and where to go somewhere. They simply choose to protect us when our nation faces problems.

Over the past several decades, as the percentage of the population who serve has diminished, the bond of understanding between civilian and military personnel has widened. While there are numerous organizations that assist soldiers in reintegrating back into society, we believe that there is a large need to educate the civilian side on their role in lessening this divide. The majority of Americans love to support our troops any way they can, however, exactly HOW they can do so is an issue that needs to be addressed, and that is why we founded Reviresco. As cadets who will soon be commissioned as officers, it is our responsibility to help bridge the relationship between the part of society we are leaving, and that which we will be joining.

Together we can
Make a change


Reviresco needs your support.

Join us in supporting those who have served our nation.


A human voice does amazing things.
Service members fight because
someone has to; they do it for you!


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