Engaging, Educating, and Empowering

The “1 percent” is a phrase often heard throughout society to refer to the uber wealthy. At Reviresco, we ask, “What about the other 1 percent?” referring to the one percent of society who chooses to serve in the Armed Forces. 

Service members serve for ALL OF US. They are apolitical, don’t choose when to leave their homes, and often don’t choose where they are going. They simply choose to protect us when our nation faces problems.

While there are numerous organizations that assist soldiers in reintegrating back into society, our founders saw a drastic need to step in on the civilian side of the issue. With so many service members entering the civilian workforce, they saw a much-needed focus in helping current and future business leaders understand how to engage with veterans and understand the innumerable ways a strong veteran workforce will help their company’s culture, cohesiveness, and competence.

Reviresco’s mission, “To bridge the civilian-military divide by engaging, educating, and empowering society to go beyond saying, ‘Thank you for your service’” is accomplished in two prongs:

  1. Conducting educational programs for MBA Candidates and undergraduates to help future business leaders understand why bridging the civilian-military divide is beneficial to a company’s performance and integral to a company’s diversity
  2. Provide those same students with tangible tools focused on effective veteran retention within the civilian workforce and tools they can use to cultivate a diverse community of trust with veteran employees in the businesses the students will lead in the near future.

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