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What We Do

Reviresco offers educational solutions to help current and future business leaders understand the diversity veterans bring to the workforce, how to engage with their veteran employees, and how to optimize their unique skills and talents.


We help society understand why bridging the civilian-military divide is important. 


We inform future business leaders, companies, and citizens how to build lasting relationships with veterans.


We motivate everyone to understand their role in bridging the civilian-military divide.

Go beyond saying, "Thank you for your Service"

The Mission

Reviresco’s mission is to, “Bridge the civilian-military divide by engaging, educating, and empowering society to go beyond saying, “Thank you for your service.” 

This mission is accomplished through two primary educational solutions.

Educational Programs

We conduct educational programs for MBA Candidates and undergraduates at various universities to help future business leaders understand why bridging the civilian-military divide is beneficial to a company’s performance and integral to a company’s diversity.

Tangible Tools

We provide tangible tools focused on effective veteran retention within the civilian workforce that help to cultivate a diverse community of trust with veteran employees in the businesses students will lead in the near future.

The 1%

The “1 percent” is a phrase often heard throughout society to refer to the uber-wealthy. At Reviresco, we ask, “What about the other 1 percent?” referring to the one percent of society who chooses to serve in the Armed Forces. 

Service members serve for ALL OF US. They are apolitical, don’t choose when to leave their homes, and often don’t choose where they are going. They simply choose to protect us when our nation faces problems.

While numerous organizations assist soldiers in reintegrating back into society, our founders saw a drastic need to step in on the civilian side of the issue. With so many service members entering the civilian workforce, Reviresco focused on helping current and future business leaders understand how to engage with veterans and understand the innumerable ways a strong veteran workforce will help their company’s culture, cohesiveness, and competence.

Partner with us

  • We ensure business students and young professionals are fully equipped to manage the diverse veteran population in the civilian workforce and optimize veteran’s performance
  • All donations help business students seize the full opportunity to learn the tangible value of veterans within the workforce.
  • Supporting Reviresco guarantees that veteran’s skills are appreciated at all levels of the workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Reviresco Mean?

Reviresco is Latin for “Renewal”, and we exist to renew the relationship between civilians and veterans in the work force.

What Does Reviresco Do?

Reviresco offers educational solutions to help current and future business leaders understand the diversity veterans bring to the workforce, how to engage with their veteran employees, and how to optimize their unique skills and talents.

What does a partnership look like?

The primary focus on our partner ship is to educate and train your business students or managers to understand all aspects of managing veterans in the workforce. We will create tailored curriculum and presentations to your specific field of work and the veteran demographic you employ or work with. We can provide the tools in a one-time presentation or over an elongated period, whichever works for you. 

Aren’t there many non-profits doing the same work as Reviresco?

Multiple non-profits within the veteran community do exceptional work helping veterans. However, Reviresco is the only non-profit whose purpose to prepare and train civilians with tools for them to effectively engage with and manage veterans in the workforce. Think of it this way: less than 1 percent of our society serves in the military. Instead of only focusing on the 1 percent, we work with the other 99 percent to help our veterans perform better and feel more included.


How do you prove what you teach works?

With each organization, school, or company we partner with, we provide quantifiable and qualifiable data portraying the change in how civilians perceive work with veterans before and after working with us.

What People & Companies Have Said About Us

"The presentation...opened our eyes to a problem that we didn’t even know about."

Your presentation was helpful to our employees in raising the awareness of the role of service members and veterans in today’s society, but more importantly, taking time to explore our own actions, words, and behaviors on how we view them. Your workshop provided some opportunities for open discussion and dialogue among employees to share thoughts and ideas on this special segment of our population.

Vince Jacono

Jr. External Affairs Mgr, Delmarva Power

I want to thank Alex and Micah specifically for the outstanding job. While I’ve always held members of the military in high regard, you’ve given us all tools now to better show our appreciation in ways that will benefit our military veterans and our relationships with them in the workplace and beyond.

Donal J. Bridge

Business Project Lead, Delmarva Power

During my final year at the university, I had the privilege of meeting [Reviresco]. I was amazed at the incredible impact that a handful of students could have on improving the perception of veterans and how civilians could be of help by just taking the time to talk to veterans about their experiences. With the help of Reviresco, I am confident that the state of this country’s civil-military divide is in fact mendable and will improve through their efforts.

Brandon Bristor

Petty Officer Second Class, United States Navy

The reason I believe Reviresco, Inc. is important is because I met a lot of civilians who were not pro-military while I was active. I did not believe that anyone would not be in support of the men and women who sacrifice so much for our freedoms, but I had many people refer to me as a killer or as if I had no emotion simply because of my profession. Through the work of organizations like Reviresco, Inc. we can work towards a future where everyone respects and appreciates the losses that some take to make sure everyone has a chance to live how they see fit.

Aaron Zapata

Corporal, United States Marine Corps

I didn’t realize veterans were so lost and that asking them a few questions could help. I now know there are groups present that are bringing veterans closer to civilians. This presentation was definitely effective and I look forward to learning more about Reviresco.


Student, Delaware Military Academy

The information you provided to us in the presentation really showed how unappreciated military personnel feel[s] once they return home from deployment and how civilians can change that. It is important to value their feelings, emotions, and sacrifices because they are the ones who fight to protect us every day.”


Student, Delaware Military Academy

About Us

Micah Petersen

President & Co-Founder

Micah Petersen is the Co-founder and President of Reviresco. He is currently serving as an Aide-De-Camp in the US army to the Deputy Commanding General of the 10th Mountain Division, and recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan. He is a graduate of the University of Delaware and is also a Schwarzman Scholar with a MA in Global Affairs from Tsinghua, University in China.


Veterans entered in the workforce in the last 5 years.


Hours served by military personnel last year. 


Of Society is composed of Veterans.



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Mailing Address

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